Tuesday, 26 June 2018

TherMe: Braised Pork Rice aka 卤肉饭

The famous Taiwan braised pork rice is one of my faves but those sold commercially tend to be a tad too oily leaving u feeling kinda jerlat towards the end. As a Thermomix advisor, we get to learn a new dish during our weekly meetings so u can imagine my excitement when we were told it's gonna b this dish for the week ;p


700g of pork belly
1 tsp of salt (preferably pink Himalayan salt / sea salt)
2-3 tbsps of dark soy sauce, depending on how dark u want it to be
1 tbsp of fermented bean paste
1 tbsp of light soy sauce
1 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of sesame oil
3 cloves of garlic, ends removed
10g cooking oil (preferably organic extra virgin olive oil)
6 dried shitake mushrooms, soaked (retain the water) & sliced
150g of mushroom water
3 pieces of star anise


1. Put pork into mixing bowl then add sufficient water to cover pork followed by salt. Par-boil for 20mins / 100°C / Reverse / Spoon Speed.

2. Remove pork then slice to desired thickness. Use a big bowl to marinate pork with dark soy sauce & mix well 1st so that colour will be more even. Add in the remaining seasonings (excluding water) & mix evenly.

3. Pour out the residual water in mixing bowl. Put garlic then set 5s / Reverse / Speed 5. Remove peels & scrap down sides before adding oil to sauté at 3mins / V / Spoon Speed.

4. Fix butterfly onto blade then pour in marinated pork including the marinate, mushrooms, water & star anise & cook for 1hr 10mins / 98°C / Reverse / Spoon Speed

5. Lastly, add 5mins / Varoma / Spoon Speed to help thicken the sauce. Pour pork & gravy over cooked rice & hard-boiled egg then serve warm.

The braised pork can be prepared in advance then stored in individual portions either in chiller (overnight) or freezer (if more than 1 day). Simply cook rice in simmering basket with eggs on top while steaming the required pork portions in the Varoma dish as well as vegs on the Varoma tray & Voila! A quick meal ready in no time at all ~.<

For non-Thermomix readers, you can still tweak & follow the steps but simmer over low heat in a wok or pot on the stove. Stir occasionally but when sauce has thickened, stir more frequently to prevent it from getting burnt.

I'm glad e dish turned out not oily. Meat was well-flavoured & texture was perfect, tender yet not too soft..one word to sum it up, marvelicious!!

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