Friday, 10 June 2016

Musichaus: Music Explorers Workshop

BB was in for a treat as he had received his first sponsorship from Musichaus for the Music Explorers Workshop (ages 1.5 to 3 years old) during this June school holidays. Yesterday was the first lesson & boy, was he really looking forward to it. BB got to explore various musical instruments & he seemed to have a special liking for the triangle, holding on to the metal rod most of the time. 

Here, he was beating the drum & learning rhythms simultaneously.

I can't help but mention about Teacher Trina who leads & directs the music programmes. She's super patient especially towards my ever energetic boy. She reassured me that it's ok as he's showing his own creativity in a different manner & that even though he may not seem to be focusing all the time, he's learning in his own unique way. True enough, that night on the way back, he was actually humming part of the lyrics of a song she sang in class. In fact, even on the next day, he repeatedly sang one of the other songs we sang & mumbled some key words from the book they read together.

Next, Teacher Trina introduced the piano which is not entirely new to him since he has 2 toy keyboards at home. He was more fascinated at the numerous buttons on it though *faintz

Storytime was another segment of the programme & this was another of BB's fave since he has always been such a lil' bookworm. What struck me as the main difference from another music class (which he had attended almost a year ago) was the incorporation of music into daily activities. The theme for this week was Nature & thus, Teacher Trina had chosen a related book to read. As she read, she actually made use of the various instruments to incorporate sounds into certain parts of the story to make it more lively. Furthermore, she also played sounds of nature like running water & different animals for BB to listen & guess what they were.

Look how attentive he is, a far cry from minutes ago where he was running around the room..lolz!

Teacher Trina even gave me other tips as to how to make music a part of our lives. For example, she asked me to put on some music while BB is going about his daily routines of playing, learning, etc. A little experiment mummies can try at home too. Let your child do some doodling without music. Then, turn on the music & give a new piece of paper for him/her to doodle again. You will notice that the colours or types of strokes used in both art pieces will actually be different. 

There's also a Music Adventurers programme for children ages 4 to 6 years old. More information for the programmes can be found at Music Explorers Workshop & Music Adventurers Workshop respectively.

When the class was about to end, BB refused to leave & actually wanted more. Teacher Trina was so kind to help us check if he could go to Kids' Atelier, a Reggio-Emilia inspired space designed for 6 months to 6 years old children, for a short playtime while Mummy toured the rest of the premises.

Mummies / Daddies with homebased work, if you have never heard of Trehaus, it's high time you do. It is Singapore's first co-working space with childcare & learning facilities. You can leave your baby or toddler with them for a couple of hours as you focus on your job next door yet check in on your little one anytime you want while the child-minders expose your kid to different sensory plays to stimulate their developments. As the drop-off service is also available to non-members, you can also get some errands done knowing your kid is in good hands. To name a few, there are the Arthaus & Dramahaus playtime. As the names suggest, one is an art workshop which make use of natural materials while the other is dramatic play.

His 'masterpiece' done during his short 'trial' at Arthaus <3

Choose between private offices, semi-private dedicated desk or co-work space or you can also opt to rent their spaces for events, networking & parties. With the numerous 'Work' or 'Work + Play' packages catered for different needs, I'm sure you can find a suitable one >.~.

This shows the common area where parents & children can co-exist in harmony & one of the semi-private dedicated desks.

This is the adults only zone with meeting rooms for up to 10 people & fully equppied with projectors & whiteboards where members have full access to.

Spacious patio area ideal for networking sessions.

To find out more information, please contact them directly.

Claymore Connect
442 Orchard Road, #03-01
Singapore 238879

9843 8077 / 6816 2779

Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm


  1. I would love to drop by Trehaus someday even though I'm not a work from home mum. Look so exciting! Ashlyn

  2. I had been to Trehaus and its absolutely a beautiful place for kids and moms.

  3. So nice!! I have seen many pictures of Trehaus but I never really had the chance to go there. Hopefully an opportunity will arise and I can go experience it myself! :)

  4. Music! Yay!! And Trehaus seems to be a perfect place to be if suddenyly I need to work and yet got to care for the child. So much better than just leaving the kid at home with the TV on every other hour.

    1. Yupyup, really a very conducive environment for both LOs & their parents who need to get some work done while caring for them :)

  5. The lesson is at Trehaus itself? One to One music session? hahah Wow! What dedication but hopefully it will open up to a group. Group learning for this age is a lot more productive and fun.

    1. Yes, the lessons are conducted at Trehaus. The workshop is actually meant for a small group up to 8 kids with an assistant teacher. We were lucky to have a special 1-to-1 session ;)

  6. Will introduce this place to my mummy friends with young kids. Thank you.-Lingling

  7. Music is great for kids! I'm gonne try that tip about making music a part of our lives for my LO too. :)

    - Ju Ann (

  8. Love the music tip to get kids to doodle first without music, then with the music. Will try that with my own kids and see how it fares. Love Trehaus too!

    1. Haven't tried it out yet too..been so bz recently :( ^5!!!

  9. I wanted to take my daughter the to music class too but we can't make it. Good to see BB really enjoyed his class. Maybe we'll join during the next intake :)

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  10. The music class looks like something my boy will really enjoy!

    Read about Trehaus at Mummy Ed's blog before. It looks really inviting!

    1. I bet he'll too so do check them out soon!!