Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Homemade Sweet Potatoes Mooncakes with Mung Bean Fillings

I did a trial run today since I had to prepare the mung bean fillings in advance for tomorrow.


1 big purple sweet potato (abt 200g after skin peeled which yields 4 small mooncakes), cut into big chunks
1/2 cup of split mung beans (still have leftovers for making of more mooncakes tomorrow)
1 tbsp of organic Simple Mill raw virgin coconut oil (VCO)
1/4 cup of Billington's molasses (can half it if prefer less sweet for LOs)
Some boiled water


1. Steam mung beans for 30 minutes (I used my Avent steamer & blender) or till soften.

2. Blend to desired texture (BB likes more textured food so I left it quite chunky). If mixture is too dry, add a bit of water till it can blend smoothly.

3. Heat up the VCO then add in mung bean purée & sugar.

4. Mix evenly over low heat till sugar has melted (can add some water if mixture is still too dry to prevent it from getting burnt). Cool the mixture completely before using. Can also leave overnight in fridge once it's cooled if you're preparing it in advance too.

5. Steam sweet potato for 20 - 30 minutes till soften then mash, cool & put into fridge for at least 30 minutes.

6. Put a thin layer of sweet potato purée all around the mooncake mold.

7. Fill with the mung bean filling then cover it with another thin layer of sweet potato purée.

8. Invert mold over a plate & slowly push down the plunger (firmly so that the design is imprinted). Slowly lift up the mold while continuing to push down the plunger gently to remove the mooncake from it.

I did the first 3 mooncakes using the method shown in the video I've shared earlier on Grub n' Grow's FB page but it's quite difficult to get a thin outer layer of sweet potato as the purée breaks up quite easily. This resulted in very little filling in the centre as shown in the picture below.

Unsatisfied with the end results, I put on my thinking cap & came up with another method. Using the remaining ingredients, I gave it 1 more try & it looks much better now >.~ As for the taste, I really do like the stronger flavour in the mung bean filling due to the usage of molasses instead of normal sugar. Actually, they'll be a nice snack for normal days too if you use molds of other designs instead of mooncake ones.

Hope everyone'll hv a Happie Mid Autumn Festival celebration with your loved ones tmr!!!


  1. What a healthy and yummy treat! And the best part? No bake haha! So it's great even for those without ovens and would love to make these mooncakes :)

  2. I always have the impression that mooncake is hard to make. Your recipe seems so simple. I also like that it's so healthy!

  3. Wow I've never come across such healthy mooncakes. yums!

  4. Healthy mooncakes, what a treat for those who love to indulge but dislike the calories! I love the deep maroon/ violet colour. It makes the mooncakes look decadent!

  5. Your recipe is so healthy and easy to make!! Kids will definitely be part of it. Even though moon cake festival is over, I am still going to give it a try!

  6. Wow....easy and healthy. Best combination for a winning moment and meal with the family. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Diy Mooncakes, Healthy version too :)
    I always feel guilty after consuming traditional double-eggyolk mooncakes haha.

    Cheers, Andy

  8. This looks quite creative and will try out sometime.

  9. What an interesting flavour! Yummy!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka