Saturday, 16 July 2016

Giveaway for Singapore Parenting Congress 2016 - “Are you a SUPERHERO to your child?”

You don’t need to save the world to be a superhero to your child; what matters is being there for them at every step of their journey. Not just at the significant milestones, but also in the little everyday things.

If you have a child aged 4 to 12, you can’t miss the Singapore Parenting Congress 2016, a joint initiative by Mediacorp and Families For Life Council that addresses the challenges modern parents face. Join me at the Singapore Parenting Congress on 30th to 31st July at Suntec Convention Centre Level 3 and pick up some parenting super powers! . There will be a total of 13 sessions this year (6 English, 4 Mandarin, 1 Malay & 1 Tamil). Tickets available at all SISTIC channels starting from $18. 

These are the key parenting messages that will be highlighted at this event by different seminar sessions, which includes the following:

Active Parenting - The importance of taking a proactive approach in parenting, in developing a child's character, installing them with the right values and building them up to be resilient people. How can we prepare our children for a future we don't know? Academics should not be the only focus in a child's development.

Screen time vs Face time - Impact of technology on parenting, it is not always a bad thing. Tips will be shared with parents on how they can connect and engage with their children more effectively at this time and age.

Spending quality vs quantity time - Many parents in dual household income struggle with balancing work and family time. Spending quality time is very important in building strong family ties. Spending time with your kids (being present physically & mentally), also helps to make a child feel more confident and secure.

Grand-parenting - The role of extended family in a child's development - the important role grandparents play these days. Grandparents aren't just an extra pair of hands. They make great role models who can be positive influences in our child's life! There're only 2 sessions that touch on the role of grandparents. However, this is an important topic in today's context as many grandparents are very much involved with childcare responsibilities.

For more information on the programme schedule (synopsis in English, Mandarin, Malay & Tamil), click here

If you're keen to join me at the following seminar, you may participate in the giveaway to win a pair of tickets. A total of 3 pairs of tickets will be given away to 3 lucky readers ;)

Active Parenting – Developing Your Child Holistically

Date: Saturday, 30th July 2016
Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm
Speaker: Mr James Gary Satchy
Every parent wants success for their children. But what is true success and how do we achieve it?

In today’s world and tomorrow’s future, we see challenges that require more than academic excellence. A child needs 
holistic development in order to be a true success!

This talk will focus on what parents can intentionally do to develop their children in 4 areas – Active Learning, Character Choices, Emotional Health and Social Skills.

All these areas are interlinked to help our children be resilient in the face of challenges so that they can be true successes in life.

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4. Closing date is 24th July 2016, 2359hrs.

Hope to cya all there ~.^

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