Friday, 1 June 2018

TherMe: Kid-friendly Char Siew (Non-Baked Version)

This recipe was highly recommended by one of my cooking chums but I adapted it to be more kid-friendly for my boy.


650g of pork belly
3 cloves of garlic
5 tbsps of brown sugar
2 tbsps of light soy sauce
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp of homemade peanut butter
3/4 tbsp of Simply Natural organic blk bean sauce (thick)
2 tsps of dark soy sauce
150g water (Note: can increase to 200g cos sauce abit thick)


1. Chop garlic at 5s / Reverse / S5.

2. Marinate pork with all seasonings, except water, & place it in chiller for at least 4hrs.

3. Add marinated pork with sauce & water into Thermomix mixing bowl then cook for 45mins / 120°C / Reverse / Spoon Speed.

4. Slice to desired thickness, pour gravy over & serve warm.

For non-Thermomix readers, you can still follow the steps & simmer on low heat in a pot over the stove but u'll need to stir occasionally & when sauce has thickened, stir more frequently to prevent it from getting burnt.

As this is a non-baked version, you don't see the charred parts normally found on char siew which I feel makes it healthier actually. However, the meat is tender, flavourful & u can taste the fragrant of the roasted peanuts. It may not taste like its commercially-sold counterparts but both my parents enjoyed it tremendously & it definitely deserves the thumbs up given by my boy d(^.^)b

Best part of this is all that I need to do is put the marinated meat in, set the time, temperature & stirring speed & Thermomix will do its magic! No more watching of fire, stirring constantly to prevent burnts etc & I'm free to do anything while it's been cooked ~.<

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