Monday, 1 September 2014

Banana Eggies Pancakes

Pancakes was one of the topics discussed today in my July 2013 mummies group chat. Thus, the recipe of the day will be the super easy banana eggies pancakes. As the name suggests, the only ingredients needed are bananas & eggs. Yes, you heard me right. Only 2 simple ingredients to give your lilttle one a nutritients-packed breakfast.

Ingredients (yields 8 small pancakes):

1 big ripe banana, mashed
2 beaten eggs (I usually buy kampong or free range eggs)
Virgin coconut oil (VCO)


1. Mix the ingredients together.

2. Pour some VCO into a non-stick pan on low heat. Add a small circle of batter to the pan. Let it cook & set for about 1 to 2 minutes then flip & repeat on the other side till it cook through.

I served them with a dollop of Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt & some organic red grapes. BB actually cried for more after finishing the 3 I gave him. In the end, he ate 5, leaving me unsatisfied with only 3 pieces :(  I'm definitely going to make more the next time round.


  1. Hi mummy, where can get EVCO in sg? I couldn't find it in NTUC X'tra

    1. I bought mine at the FairPrice Finest at Thomson Plaza. It's displayed in the Organic section =)

    2. Do you refrigerate your VCO?

    3. No, i don't..just leave mine on the countertop, away fr direct sunlight ;)

  2. Hi

    May I know the brand if the VCO you buy?
    Does the VCO can be used to stir fried egg, vegetables etc?


    1. I bought Simple Mill (jar) but changed to Agrilife (bottle) recently for ease of pouring out the oil. However, I still prefer Simple Mill as its coconut fragrant is stronger. Yes, it's suitable for cooking or even baking due to its high smoking point ;)