Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sugarless Banana Muffins & Banana Blueberries Muffins

I wanted to bake something for BB on his 1st birthday party as I didn't want him to stare enviously at everyone eating the birthday cake & ironically none for him, the birthday boy. After some Googling, I set my mind on sugar-less banana muffins.

A couple of days before the BIG day, I did a trial run but wasn't too pleased with the appearance as well as the texture of the muffins. 

I did some research to improvise & taa-dah! Softer & more moist muffins v(~.^)v As it was the season for the lovely blueberries, I bought some & added them in too.

Ingredients (makes 12 big & 4 small muffins):

8 large ripe bananas
1 cup of organic blueberries
2 eggs
2/3 cup of organic virgin coconut oil (VCO)
2 tsps of pure vanilla extract
3 cups of organic wholemeal flour
2 tsps of cinnamon 
2 tsps of baking powder
2 tsps of baking soda


1. Preheat oven to 170°C.

2. Mash the bananas & mix with the other wet ingredients (excluding blueberries) till the mixture is mostly smooth & only slightly chunky.

3. In another bowl, sieve (I added this step to get a fluffier texture) & mix all the dry ingredients.

4. Gently mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients till you only see a bit of flour. Then, fold in the blueberries until no more flour can be seen (do not over mix as it would result in denser muffins).

5. Fill each muffin liner till almost full then bake for 20 minutes (about 10 minutes for the small ones). Cool completely before keeping in an airtight container.

The feedbacks from guests were very positive ones. But, more importantly, the birthday boy loves his mini ones & finished all 4 of them.

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