Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Goodbaby High Chair & Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

As your baby's weaning approaches, most parents will start looking around for a suitable high chair & it was no exception for me. I'd more or less decided on adopting some BLW then so I knew I would need one which could be cleaned easily. Upon shopping around for a while, my choice went to Goodbaby bought from Kiddy Palace which set us back by more than a hundred bucks.

Its features are as follow:

- 3-position reclining backrest
- 6-position adjustable height
- Waterproof cushion
- 3-position adjustable & removable front tray
- 5-point harness
- Easy folding mechanism
- Self-standing when closed

Thus far, this chair has served us really well. The waterproof cushion makes it very easy for a wipe-down anytime. The 5-point harness combined with the adjustable front tray has prevented any 'escape' attempts from BB which seems to be a common problem for parents using the Ikea high chair. Last but not least, it is very sturdy & stable even at its highest height position. There's one slight disadvantage though - you can't wash the tray under running water as water gets trapped inside some compartments underneath it. Therefore, to prevent mould from developing, you can only clean it with a cloth. 
(Note: There's a similar one in orange / blue washable cushion so don't buy the wrong one.)

We also invested in another portable booster chair from Fisher Price which we always leave in the car. 

Its features are as follow:

- Adjustable feeding tray that can also be sanitised in the dishwasher
- 3-point harness
- Removable seat backing
- Smooth easy-wipe surfaces without crevices to trap crumbs
- Folds compactly for storage & easy portability

This booster chair is a God-send! We simply adore it. It can be attached to any chair with a backrest so dining outside is a breeze. Parents also don't have to fret over the cleanliness of high chairs anymore (one of the boys in my July 14 mummies' group actually contracted a virus & developed a rash after sitting in the high chair of a restaurant). Similarly like the Goodbaby, the 3-point harness & tray actually helps to prevent BB from climbing out. Furthermore, as he grows bigger (especially with his bulging tummy), the seat backing & tray can be removed & it'll simply add as a booster seat to add height to any chair.

If we had gotten this booster chair first, I might not have gotten the Goodbaby high chair. On the other hand, my hubby begs to differ. He's happy with having both concurrently ;)

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