Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Say 'Cheese!'

I introduced cheese to BB when he was 9mo (recommended age is between 8 to 10mo). As I've been following the 'Healthy Food for My Baby' FB group, I was well aware that the sodium content should not exceed more than 680mg per 100g. Then, comes the question of which brand I should choose as there's just simply so much variety available in the market. After scouting through the cheese chillers in supermarkets, I finally arrived at one conclusion: pre-sliced cheeses are out as most of them contained preservatives :/ The 3 cheeses that I've selected are as follow:

Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese (356mg of sodium per 100g): I usually add this into my pasta sauces to give them a much richer and creamier taste. Or they are also great when mashed together with avocado as a spread.

Organic Dairy Farmers True Organic Cheddar (640mg of sodium per 100g): I chanced upon this while looking for organic tofu in the Organic chiller section. Surprisingly, it only costs $8.60 which is almost the same as some non-organic cheeses. I often use it in my baked frittatas, baked eggplants as well as to make cheddar cheese bread.

Mundella Cottage Cheese (130mg of sodium per 100g & no preservative): Till date, I've only managed to find this rather elusive ingredient at Bedok Mall's FairPrice Finest. This is one of the key ingredients for breakfast on a lazy morning. Hee ~.< Just scoop some into a bowl & top it off with any fresh fruit you can find in your kitchen.

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