Monday, 22 September 2014

Eggless French Toast with a Twist!

I've been making different varieties of bread for my family almost every weekend since I've gotten my own breadmaker. Yesterday's choice was peanut butter loaf, so naturally we'll be having that for breakfast today. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw the bunch of ripe bananas hanging there and thought that banana should go well with peanut butter. It then struck me that I've seen a simple baked banana recipe which I might be able to use to bake my bread. To my disappointment, I couldn't seem to recall where i came across it even despite googling for it. However, I chanced upon another recipe for a banana toast which I found to be pretty interesting & easy.


2 pieces of homemade peanut butter bread (or any other bread you have at home)
1 ripe banana
60ml of fresh milk (breastmilk / formula milk)
A dash of cinnamon
1 tsp of extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO)


1. Cut each piece of bread into 3 or 4 long strips.

2. Place all the remaining ingredients except the EVCO in a bowl & mash with a fork till almost smooth.

3. Heat up the EVCO in a non-stick pan (I'm using HCP). Dip the bread fingers into the mixture & fry for 1 to 2 minutes with low heat on each side until they turn golden.

Voila! Yet another marvelicious breakfast or snack is ready! I served it with some cottage cheese & organic raisins & both of us absolutely enjoyed it ^.^

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