Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Oats: Nutritious, Fast to Cook & Good to Eat

During my confinement, I was blessed with a superb nanny. Other than taking good care of BB & me, she even imparted some of her recipes to me. One of them was savoury cooked oats. Such a simple but yet nutritious food. It even turned out to be a saviour for me during the month after she left as BB was going through his growth spurts & I could barely find time to cook myself a decent meal.

Upon doing more research, I realised that oats are in fact packed with more nutrients than the usual brown rice cereals. This chart was shared by one of the mummies in one of the FB groups which I'm following & oats is actually ranked as the third highest in nutrient points.

The only preparation you'll need is to blend 2 weeks' worth of organic rolled oats which is to be kept in the fridge, ready to be used anytime. Sweet or savoury, the sky is the limit for any creative variation that you can conjure up. 


Ratio of blended rolled oats : amount of liquid 
= 1 tbsp of oats : 1/4 cup of bm / water / milk 


1. Bring liquid to boil then add oats in.

2. Whisk away to get a smooth texture & simmer in a low fire till the oats look expanded & have achieved your desired consistency.

3. You may then add on fresh fruits as toppings or vegetable purees before serving.

As your baby grows, you can add on other ingredients like fish or meats (Beefy pumpkin oats with broccolito serve it as porridge.

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