Saturday, 27 September 2014

BB's Feeding Tools On-the-Go

One of the things mummies have to prepare for their precious little one's food journey is a good thermal food jar. After reading rave reviews for the brand Thermos, we went down to their counter at Takashimaya to take a look at their selection. I was greeted with superb service from one of their sales assistants who was friendly, knowledgeable but yet not too pushy. 

I settled for the JBG-2000 Lunch Tote as I knew then that I would be doing BLW & had wanted one with separate layers. There are 3 tubs for vegetables (0.4L), rice (0.75L) & soup (0.3L) & it is supposed to keep food warm for up to 6 hours. I usually use this when I prepare pastas with sauces on the go, as I do not want to mix and store them in the same tub, as it would cause the pasta to become soggy.

Tip: Run the cooked pastas under cool water to prevent it from cooking further before putting them in the topmost tub (meant for vegetables). Pour the piping hot sauce into the bottom most tub (meant for soup). Mix them together before serving & your LO will get to enjoy a warm & delicious pasta meal =)

A couple of days later, I went shopping again, this time with my PILs, as the Takashimaya Baby Fair was on. I decided to buy the Stainless King Food Jar (0.7L) too as I believe it would come in handy if I needed only to bring out a single food item. And boy was I right! Seeing how messy BB gets when he self-feeds, we decided against letting him do that when we're out. Thus, purees & porridges are his typical meals on-the-go. This food jar is supposed to keep food hot for 9 hours & cold for 12 hours. The hotness claim was put to test many a times (I've not used it to store cold food as yet and so can't attest to that) & it has never failed me. The best example was at a recent relative's wedding that we attended. His food was prepared & transferred into the food jar at 9.30am. When Daddy-O was emptying the leftovers before washing it that night, he noticed that the porridge was still slightly warm. This was almost unbelievable since more than 12 hours had already passed! Another bonus is that its insulated cover actually doubles up as a serving bowl too.

By now, you may have noticed that the sizes of my food jars are not typically the small & cute ones meant for babies. Yes, you can call me a typical Kiasu Singaporean..lolz! I didn't want to be caught in a situation where BB's food intake increased & I would have to buy bigger ones again. I'm proud to say that I have made the right choice. His appetite is not exactly that small & on days when we need to be out from morning / early afternoon till night, the King Food Jar is big enough for me to put 2 portions for his lunch & dinner. In conclusion, at a fraction of the other more costly brands, I've found that both have served me well & I'm confident that they'll continue to do so for many more foreseeable months or even years!

The only thing I feel was lacking in both jars was a spoon. The tote comes with a pair of chopsticks which I haven't used till now. On the other hand, you may be happy to know that the improvised King Food Jar comes with a metal spoon now. Unfortunately for me, I had to buy a spoon myself. I decided on the OXO On-the-Go Feeding Spoon. I like it as it is made from a soft silicon which is gentle on BB's gums & comes in a compact case. Another deciding factor is that it is in a matching blue colour (other colours are available too) to the King Food Jar I bought..hee ^.< The shallow spoon head helps to prevent feeding too much food but I find it a bit too shallow especially when it takes like forever to feed him soup.

In addition, I bought BB the Tommee Tippee's Roll n Go Bib. Its special crumb-catcher, wipe-clean finish & roll-up design for storage are key reasons as to why I chose it.

Last but not least, I also purchased the Fisher Price Booster seat but I shalll share more on it in a separate post with my high-chair. Okie, it seems like he's finally all 'geared-up' for meals on-the-go!

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