Thursday, 11 September 2014

My 13M 20DO BB saying 'Book Book'!

My boy has been saying more words since his 1st birthday. Other than Papa & Mama which he had started calling for quite a while now, he said "mum mum" to ask for food while we were out having dinner last month. Recently, he also said "ber ber" when I was feeding him an apple. The latest word he said was "book book". Every single time that he learns something new, I feel a great sense of gratification & I'm pretty sure I'm not the only Mummy who feels this way ^.<

I guess one of the reasons why "book" is one of the first few words he has said is that I've cultivated a habit of reading to him since he was 1mo because I'm a firm believer that reading will benefit him in many ways, academically as well as non-academically. As he grew older & was able to sit on his own, he enjoyed playing with the books more than me reading to him. More often than not, he would snatch away the book as i was reading to him. Despite that, I never gave up & we even set up a mini reading corner for him when he was 8mo.

Fortunately, my efforts paid off finally. He can now sit through quietly as I read 3 to 6 books to him every morning. I hope that he'll continue to enjoy reading for many years to come.

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