Friday, 19 September 2014

'Rice' to the Occasion for my 13M 27DO BB

BB hasn't been himself in terms of his usual feeding recently. He would have only a few mouthfuls before refusing to open his mouth for more. More often then not, I would have to play & coax him to eat more but nevertheless he's still having lesser than his usual serving. A few of the other toddlers in my "July 13 Mummies" group were also showing similar symptoms of food regression. Thus, I concluded that they were most probably teething & thus didn't have much appetitie. 

Since it was likely to be a passing phrase, I wasn't too concerned about it. However, I noticed subsequently that he would eat more whenever food which offered more "texture", such as pasta, was fed to him. With this observation, I arrived at another conclusion - he may be tired of having the usual porridges (even the sight of them turns Mummy off now..lolz) & instead is craving for more interesting foods instead. Hence, I present to you his lunch menu for yesterday ; )

Steamed organic mixed grains rice: 1 tbsp each of buckwheat, red lentils, millet & quinoa (pre-mixed by me) & short grain brown rice soaked overnight in 3/4 cup of water which is then steamed using my new steamer (review will be shared soon so stay tuned).

Steamed cod with fresh shiitake mushrooms: 1 thawed cod fillet marinated with a dash of fresh-ground black pepper, topped with 3 small shiitake mushrooms (sliced) & steamed for 15 minutes.

Kampong fried eggs with organic French beans: 1 packed of French beans, washed & diced. Heat a bit of EVCO in a non-stick pan (I'm using HCP) & stir fry the beans on medium heat till they soften & turn a darker green. Spread evenly over the entire pan before pouring 2 eggs beaten with some black pepper over them. Let the egg cook for about 1 to 2 minutes till slightly golden brown then flip over to the other side & cook for another 1 to 2 minutes.

Red cabbage with yellow onion soup: 1/2 of a red cabbage, sliced into 0.5cm thickness with 1 onion cut into halves & add all of it into a pot with 1 litre of water to be boiled at a medium fire for a minimum of 30 minutes.

So, did my lil' food critic find these dishes to his liking? YES, he loved them & opened his mouth enthusiastically bite after bite. Yippeeeee! Eating BB = Happie BB & Mummy \(~.^)/ 

I was a bit apprehensive initially as my boy doesn't like foods that are too bland & I didn't use any salt or soy sauce during the cooking process. Fortunately, I've taken that into account & used the natural taste of the ingredients to enhance the overall flavour. Cod already has a stronger "fish taste" to it & the aroma of the shiitake mushrooms complement it perfectly. I believe you'll definitely be seeing more of these nutritious & flavourful fungi in my home cooked dishes.

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