Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Mummy's Bestest Wantons, Ever!!!

These are without a doubt my favourite wantons in the whole wide world. As people always say "Mummy knows best!" Regardless fried or soup, hot or even cold, they will still taste so gooooooood! Anyone who has had the privilege of savouring them would certainly attest to it. Well, at least to me they will & would always be ;P" 

Ingredients (serve 1 toddler & 1 adult): 

240g of Australian corn fed minced pork
5 prawns, shelled & diced
8 water chestnuts, skinned & diced
Generous amount of chopped spring onions (missing in mine as I've forgotten to ask my hubby to buy when he did the groceries)
1 tbsp of Bob's Red Mill All Natural Cornstarch
1 tbsp of sesame oil
1 pack of wanton skins
360ml of thawed salmon stock
A dash of freshly ground black pepper (can replace with a few slices of ginger)
3 stalks of organic xiao bai cai 
Pot of water


1. Marinate the pork with cornstarch & sesame oil for at least an hour.

2. Add in the prawns, water chestnuts & spring onions then mix evenly.

3. Put a tsp of the mixture onto the centre of a wanton skin (the side with more flour facing outside), fold it half & slightly press the edge of the filling to close it up properly. 
(Note: May have to wet the wanton skins slightly if they've dried up & hardened.)

4. Repeat till all the wanton skins have been used up.

5. Bring the pot of water to boil & add in the wrapped wantons to cook.
(Note: By not cooking them in the stock, it will ensure that your soup won't have a strong ghee taste.)

6. Meanwhile, add the pepper to the salmon stock & bring it to boil in another pot. Form meatballs with the remaining mixture (I actually kept about 100g of it for his dinner as the portion was a bit too much for both of us) & cook them in the stock. Add in the xiao bai cai when the meatballs are almost cooked & cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.

7. Remove the cooked wantons & put into a bowl. Top with the salmon stock & xiao bai cai then serve immediately.

The efforts in prepping this dish is definitely worth the while. Trust me on this. My boy finished everything in his bowl & even asked for more which I gladly refilled with more meatballs & soup. The salmon stock which I've frozen previously really came into good use too. With all the preparations required for the wantons, I'm glad that I didn't have to prepare seperate ingredients for a broth to go with them. Especially when you've a clingy BB for the day. One thing I will like to improve on is the skins as they're not homemade. My only consolidation is at least they don't contain preservatives. Maybe I'll be more advantageous & up to the 'challenge' one day. But, not today..hee ~.^ Let's wait a few more months till my boy can be Mummy's lil' helper in the kitchen.

Beneficial Combination:

Pepper + Pork = Favourable for digestion & absorption of nutrients


  1. Looks yummy and I hope to try this one sometime for my kids.

  2. Now I know what to do with all those salmon bones I get from buying the whole fish! This will go onto my meal plan next week. Thanks for sharing.

    Michelle at The Chill Mom

  3. I didn't know that wanton skin comes readymade. Will try this dish.

  4. Thanks for sharing this delectable and easy to make's been awhile since we had home cooked wanton!

  5. Yes, my mom makes the best home made wanton too... I've been requesting for it every time I visit! Great bonding time too. Need to start making it with my kids...maybe when they are a bit older?
    Tip: wet a paper towel n put over the wanton skin to keep it moist 😊

    Jamie Chaw,

  6. We love and make wontons in my family too! We make Shanghainese wontons, and usually, the females of the family will come and to wrap them together. Now I'm teaching my daughter how to do it. It's nice to have three generations wrapping these yummy delicacies together. Hmmm.... makes me want some right now! :)

  7. I was just doing my grocery shopping on honestbee and I promptly added chestnuts and wonton skin into my cart. I think it is a great way to clear my excess minced pork and shrimp!

  8. It has been looooooong since I last tasted home-made wanton. Your post made me missed those days my mom made those for our family.

  9. looks so good!!! Wish I was skilled enough to make a decent wanton hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka