Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My First Attempt at Food Art with Homemade Light Whole Wheat Bread & Edamames

So sad T.T My 2nd attempt at baking a light whole wheat bread failed again. It turned out "flatter" & tasted more like kueh especially with it's texture. I won't be sharing the recipe of my bread till i get it right. Lucky for me, I've a rather supportive hubby! He ate 2 pieces for supper & commented that he still liked it.

Since it's still edible, I gave BB a bit to try to see if he would eat it. Surprisingly, he liked it too & kept going 'Mum-mum', asking for more. It was too late for me to make any jam to accompany the bread  as my boy is not exactly the patient sort to wait for it to be ready. I opened my fridge to see what I could find & saw that I still had some cream cheese left. In the end, I decided to try a cream cheese with honey spread (slightly soften 2 tbsps of cream cheese & mix well with 1/2 tsp of organic honey). 

I also used one of my new cookie cutters to cut out some small rabbits. Come to think of it, i still have an entire bag of kitchen accessories, mainly from Diaso, waiting for me to unpack. Bread, cookies,  seaweed & vegetables cutters, rice molds, food picks, food dividers, side dishes cups, silicon cups etc, loots accumulated over the months from countless visits to Diaso. It's high time I start putting them to good use.

Recalling that I've a pack of frozen edamames, an idea struck me. I could do a simple food art! I'm not exactly the artistic sort so don't expect anything too elaborate..lolz!

I call it ''Lil' rabbits hopping through the fields". How is it for a first attempt?

BB finished everything & asked for more so i added another portion of edamames. This is the third time he's having them. In fact, edamames were the first kind of table food he had outside. We were dining at a Japenese restaurant & he was kinda cranky after waking up from his nap. Remembering that edamames are pretty nutritious, I ordered a plate of unsalted ones for him. By the second time he ate them at another Japanese restaurant, he imitated us & was able to push the peas out of the pods by himself. However, he seemed to have forgotten all about it as he put the entire pod into his mouth when I handed him a pod today..hahaha! Upon eating the rest, he pointed to the bread & asked for more but I didn't accede to his request since he had just got well & shouldn't be overeating.

Edamames are here to stay for good in BB's list of healthy snacks. They are easy to prepare, simply by adding them into a bowl of boiling water for a couple of minutes, and they're ready to be served! Furthermore, it'll also help to improve his motor skills as he tries to get the peas out of their pods & subsequently picking them up as well. Lastly, it'll keep him entertained for a while as we R&R & enjoy a cuppa..hee ~_^

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