Saturday, 29 October 2016

Bebemi, Organic Snacks from Korea!

JWoohoooooo! More healthy snacks for BB..look at how excited he was ;)

Bebemi's organic snacks, exclusively distributed by Totsworld Pte Ltd, use selected non-pesticide grain brown rice which actually contains 5x the fibre & 2x the iron of white rice. In addition, the grain bucket is 'rubbed' with the world's first patented technology using ceramic friction heat (about 150°C) without losing the nutrition.

Been a more health conscious mummy, what I love best about them are as follows:

- NO sugar
- NO salt
- NO colour
- NO synthetic additives
- NO preservatives
- NON oil treatment
- NOT baked or fried

Therefore, BB can enjoy the natural taste & aroma of whole grains & vegetables. Furthermore, it's so conveniently packaged with the resealable pouches that you don't have to worry about ensuring freshness once it's opened.

The different types available:

1. Bebemi Lotus Root Rice Cake (for babies 6mo & above) - The bigger size allow little hands to grip & hold easily. The unique non-crunchy texture melts immediately after touching the saliva, melting in your mouth literally! Thus, it neither causes choking (very safe for little ones) nor sticks to your teeth. There's also a very subtle lotus root taste which will suit their palates.

2. Bebemi Stick (for babies 7mo & above) - Despite having a very light taste, BB said he likes them & couldn't stop munching on them. 

3. Bebemi Brown Rice Petite (for babies 8mo & above) - We had this as breakfast with fresh milk & some chopped organic prunes since BB is slightly constipated recently. Honestly speaking, I prefer the rice petite soaked in the milk than on its own..heehee!

4. Bebemi Ring (for toddlers 12mo & above) - Our faves!! The moment I opened it, a nice waft of sweet fragrant drifted into my nostrils. Even though no sugar is added, they actually taste slightly sweet with a toasty citrusy flavour..yummilicious! BB simply couldn't get enough of it & asked for 3 more rounds of top ups!!!

Since they are specially designed for toddlers during their weaning stage (minimum age for consuming is indicated on the top right hand corner), the right sizes which actually get smaller for older babies allow them to grip nicely & this promotes the developments in their brain, motor skills as well as gum or tooth.

Ways to enjoy them:

- Eat as a snack straight from the pack.

- Enjoy as a breakfast ceral for both kids & adults by mixing & stirring well (to release the nutrients) with lukewarm water, milk or yogurt then top with fresh/dried fruits or nuts.

- Lightly crush then use them to top milkshakes / smoothies / salads to further up the nutritional value.

Price & Availabilty:

- Usual price of $8.90 per packet

- Bundle price of $15 for 2 packets at exclusive retailers which include all OG & BHG departmental stores, 1010 Mother and Child & Totsworld website at They'll be available on Redmart soon too.

- Special promotion for readers of Grub n' Grow at $14 for 2 packets or buy 4 at $28 with 1 free packet! This means it only costs $5.60 per packet!!! Simply key in code "GRUBNGROW" during checkout ^_^

Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. Samples were sponsored by Totsworld but opinions expressd here are BB's & mine ^.~

About Totsworld Pte Ltd

Totsworld, founded by Qiqi, started in January 2014. Before Totsworld, Qiqi has been selling unique & innovative products to parents ever since her arrival of her first daughter in 2011. In order to ensure the products are of e highest quality & safety standards from the right sources, she made the decision to start her distribution business in 2014. That is how Totsworld started - To bring in quali, innovative & premium products to help parents enjoy their parenthood without the frustrations. In these 2 years, Totsworld has distributed brands to major departmental stores like OG, BHG, Tom & Stefanie, Watsons & several retail chain stores. they have also expanded their business to services such as Babywise Singapore & Balloon Town to provide a one stop holistic solution for parents. All products have been tried & used by herself & her 2 daughters to ensure that both she & her daughters enjoy the products & causes no harmin the process of using it. Because, Qiqi truly believes in the products she bring in & she wants everyone to know about it.

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