Friday, 11 November 2016

Are BPA-free plastic bottles really as safe as we deem them?

I'm pretty certain that most of us are using BPA-free plastic bottles for our LOs since they're readily available everywhere. However, are they really as safe as we deem them?  

Increasing studies are linking chemicals in our everyday products to serious health problems, from cancer, reproductive harm, infertility & endocrine disruption to even learning disabilities as well as development problems. There've been many researches done in recent years which have shown that BPA-free alternatives aren't exactly toxic-free too. For eg, BPS which is a common replacement for BPA is linked to endocrine disruption & potentially as toxic as BPA. In addition, phthalates which are commonly used to soften plastics have been associated with disruption to hormones & reproductive harm. With very little regulation around chemicals in commerce & undisclosed ingredients, it's very difficult for us to ascertain if a product may cause harm to our family. Therefore, to limit exposure to possible toxins, the best choice is to use stainless steel, glass & food-grade ceramic containers for both water & food storage.

Furthermore, I remember when I attended the antenatal classes conducted by Mrs Wong Boi Boi (Assistant Director of Thomson Medical & also a very well known Senior Lactation Consultant), she told us that even for BPA-free plastics, they may still leak toxic substances if scratches are formed due to wear & tear. In fact, it's recommended that even BPA-free bottles be changed every 3 to 6 months but, if there're chips, cracks, dents, discolourations, leaks or scratches, it should be discarded immediately. In reality, how many of us really change them that regularly? >_<

Knowing that it's high time I changed BB's bottles to non-plastic ones, I've been looking around for stainless steel bottles. Coincidentally, 2 of my gfs actually shared that they've gotten Pura bottles for their boys. After doing some research & reading up more, I'm totally in love <3 You can imagine my elation when Kidzloft generously agrees to the sponsorship!

See how it fits perfectly in the side pocket of BB's school bag as well as my haversack ^.^

Do you know that Pura is the only NONTOXIC CERTIFIED bottles in the world? Their products have been lab-tested to ensure they don't contain known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins or other known harmful chemicals before being certified by an independent third party ( as nontoxic & are the only such bottles on the global market to achieve this status!

Pura bottles' unique features are as follows:

1. 100% Plastic-Free - They're crafted from 18/8 (#304) stainless steel (with lifetime warranty) & medical grade silicone only. Therefore, all of them are absolutely BPA/BPS-free, EA-free & toxins-free!!

2. Baby Grows...Bottle Evolves technology All Pura Kiki bottles allow the bottles to grow with & adapt to the changing needs of your LO since their patent pending stainless steel lid design is compatible with all Pura silicone components. The Natural Vent Nipples were designed to mimic the variable flow rate of breastfeeding. When ur LO grows older, you can seamlessly convert it to their XL Sipper Spout or swap to the Silicone Straw depending on their drinking preferences. Subsequently, you can still 'upgrade' it again to the Big Mouth Silicone Sport Top (note that it's not designed for hot liquids though) which is also suitable for adults / athletes or a Silicone Sealing Disk for both snacks & a variety of drinks. This is actually the most unique feature that really left a deep impression in me as compared to other stainless bottles in the mkt!!! Unfortunately, it's also the only one which I didn't have a chance to benefit fully from it yet since BB has outgrown most of the stages T.T 

Look at how many sippy cups & water bottles have BB used since birth & these are excluding his numerous Tommee Tippee milk bottles which some have been discarded due to discolouration while the hardly used ones are already stored away. Too bad Pura bottles aren't available in sg back then or else I would definitely have gotten them instead! 

If you do the Math, a BPA-free plastic water bottle easily costs btw $11.95 to $18.95. After changing every half-yearly for 1.5yrs, you would have spent approximately the same amount as the cost of a Pura feeding bottle (325ml) with teat which is $34.90 only! Therefore, the initial capital outlay may be slightly more but since their bottles can effectively last u a lifetime, it's definitely an extremely worthy investment. Moreover, u can use it without having a nagging worry if it's time to change the plastic bottles again as well as having a peace of mind knowing that they won't be harmful to your LOs at all!! Life's too hectic in our fast pace society so u can absolutely do with 1 less worry ;)

3. Compatible with nipples & sip spouts from other leading brands - Some LOs die die only accept a particular brand of teats which may become a deterrence for parents from switching to another better brand. Since you may still use the existing ones with Pura bottles, this shouldn't be a concern anymore.

4. Wide range of sizes & accessories - From 5oz infant bottle to the mega size 28oz sport bottle, you can easily find one which fits your requirements!

5. Shatterproof - BB hasn't dropped it so far but I'm confident that stainless steel will be able to withstand the impact. 

6. Vacuum Insulation (for selected models) - keeps water warm for up to 6 hours & cold for up to 8 hours provided temperature is not extremely hot like 32°C & if u add ice into the cold water at the onset, the ice & cold water may last up to 24 hours! Therefore, u can have cool water anytime especially on days where the family is spending the day outdoors ;)

More about the Pura Sport 22oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle which we've tried out:

- The Sip Guard allows free flow of liquid when open yet prevents spills while drinking. Most toddlers may still get spill 'accidents' from time to time especially when drinking w/o a straw. To my surprise, since using this Pura bottle, BB has never once spilled water all over his clothes even though he's holding the big bottle & drinking by himself.

- I was kinda concerned because the silicone cover doesn't look very secure so I tested it by turning it upside down. Well, looks can really be deceiving at times & I was happy to be proven wrong as not a single drop of water dripped out from the leak proof closed lid.

Ease of opening & closing the lid even for toddlers like BB. He has been struggling with some of the bottle caps despite having pretty good motor skills (thks to all the BLW training). This is partly due to the fact that his fingers still lack the strength to overcome the friction between the straw & cover or push the tight buttons to release them (white button in the pic below). Thus, he always resorts to biting them open instead even though we've repeatedly reminded him to ask for help instead. See all the scratches made in the process..haiz! On the other hand, he can open & close Pura's sport cap with ease after just one demonstration by me =)

Easy to remove & clean - No hassles at hard to reach parts & even the gap on the lid can be accessed & washed easily.

- The reinforced carrying finger loop on the silicone sleeve, with its well thought out design, provides insulation for cold liquids, eliminates condensation on the exterior of the bottle & enhances tactile feedback with a better grip for small hands. It fits tightly so it will stay on the bottle when tugged by little hands yet easily removable for cleaning.

Frankly speaking, there's no turning back for me anymore..lolz! Stainless steel is definitely the way to go!!! Not forgetting my Grub n' Grow readers, Kidzloft has also agreed to extend the generous special 30% discount code till 2359hrs on 25th November 2016! Simply enter "30FORU" at checkout from this page:

In addition, Kidzloft's concurrent Xmas promotion also entitles you to a free gift pouchwhich is prefect for gifting, with every bottle purchase! I'm pretty sure that with such a thoughtful gift, your family & friends will thank you for many years to come..hee, I know I would ;p

Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. The Pura Big Mouth sport top insulated bottle is kindly sponsored by Kidzloft but opinions expressd here are BB's & mine ^.~


  1. I saw Pura bottles at one of the baby event at expo and was keen to buy it. Loved that steel body.

  2. The bottles look really solid. How's the weight like?

    1. Yeah, they really are..this sports version weighs 340g while the 11oz straw bottle weighs only 182g ;)

  3. I agree...Plastic will be still plastic to an extent even if it is BPA free. I used to use glass bottles for my kids.

  4. Thank you for sharing, I did not know about the harm from conventional bottles beforehand.

    cheers, Andy

  5. I did not know that we are supposed to change our plastic bottles every 3 to 6 months!! I foresee a shopping run in the next few days.

  6. FYI, the 30% off has been extended to 2359hrs this Fri..happie shpg!

  7. Good info! Thanks for sharing...Year end would the perfect time to change these old bottles.

  8. The steel body looks sturdy. Hope it's not too heavy. But it looks like it's time to change the kids' bottles.

    1. Yes, it is really 3yo can manage the bigger bottle himself even when it's full so it's not that heavy :)

  9. Thanks for sharing, I never knew there was a metal milk bottle! I will definitely look into Pura for the kids. They use Thermos for their water bottles, not 100% plastic-free, but for now, better than nothing lah hahaha

  10. they look so sleek... I wouldn't mind using them for myself too! and ya.. didn't know about metal milk bottles haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Ya, I bought another smaller 11oz one which my boy prefers due to its straw..thus, am using the sports one for myself now..lolz!