Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Organic Pasta with Amaranth & Egg Drop in Salmon Broth

Till date, I've always prepared BB's meals fresh on a daily basis. Many mummies, especially those who are working & thus face time constraints, would prepare purees / stocks typically once a week and store them by freezing and use them only when they need to cook for their little ones. 

"One final word of caution: All vegetables tend to form nitrates after cooking & during storage. These nitrates can transform into strong carcinogens in the intestines, so it is best to avoid refrigerating & re-heating vegetables, particularly leafy, green vegetables which concentrate nitrates when grown commercially." quoted from Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist.com.

I've also heard from close relatives of cancer patients that their oncologists have advised against eating refrigerated & overnight vegetables, even rice as these are potentially cancer-causing. In conclusion, I'll recommend only doing pure meat stocks without the addition of any vegetables. 

I've came to know about "Song Fish" from another mummy on Facebook & even made a trip down to their Chinatown Point outlet previously. However, i was hesitant to purchase as we'd take quite a while to finish their whole fresh salmon when one is only allowed 2 portions per week. After sharing with my Mummy about it, she expressed her interest too. Thus, I bought a pack to share with her. Priced at $20 per kg, it is much cheaper than those fillets sold in NTUC outlets (either $28 or $40 per kg). Furthermore, it consists of individually packed bags of salmon head, bones & 6 fillets for convenience. The best part is it is actually sashimi grade! Given this, it may even be more value-for-money than "Fassler Gourmet", another popular seafood shop which also sells fresh salmon. Point to note is that you'll have to slice it yourself if you purchase from "Song Fish". There's absolutely no turning back for salmon fillets sold between $9 to $12 per piece..lolz!


1.5 litres of water
220g of salmon fish bones


1. Put bones into the water & bring to boil then simmer for 2 hours. Remove bones & cool totally then pour into milk bags or containers to be put into freezer for freezing.

2. Transfer to chiller the night before you want to use it & it'll have thawed nicely by the next day.

With the ready stock, I use it to cook a simple luncheon.


750ml of salmon stock
Salmon flesh from bones
3 slices of ginger
3 tbsps of organic pasta
50g of organic red amaranth
1 kampong egg
A dash of freshly ground pepper


1. Transfer 750ml of stock to another smaller pot. Add ginger slices as well as pasta & cook for about 8 minutes. Meanwhile, remove salmon flesh from the bones.

2. Add in amaranth & cook for another 3 minutes.

3. Pour egg in a slow & steady stream. Let it cook a while before stirring slowly to create the ribbon-like egg flower.

4. Mix in the flaked salmon, top with pepper & serve warm.

Note: Please be careful when you add pasta to the stock as it actually boiled over the rim instantaneously when I did that. This actually left me with only half the amount of stock I started with :/

Beneficial Combination:

Amaranth + Egg = Enhance immunity

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