Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sweet Corn Omelette

Another recipe imparted by my dear Chef Mummy! Super simple yet, super yummy ;p"


1/2 of a cob of corn, shredded & liquid slightly strained off using hands
2 eggs
Organic extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO)


1. Heat up the pan till its sizzling hot (drop some water on the pan & the water will sizzle). 

2. Pour in some EVCO & swirl it around to coat the entire bottom of the pan. 

3. Mix the corn & eggs together then pour into the pan. Lower the fire & let it cook till the underside has turned slightly golden. Flip it over & cook till the eggs are fully cooked.

My boy loves it, most likely due to the sweetness in this corn omelette. Good to pair with rice or can be eaten alone as breakfast too =)


  1. Hi Mum Celine, must the corn be cooked prior to be shredded or raw and just let it cook with the egg on the pan? Thx

    1. Dear Mummy StrawberrySmiles, terribly sorrie that I missed your comment previously!! Have u given it a try yet? If you haven't, the corn is shredded raw then cook together with the egg..hope ur LO'll enjoy it as much as mine ;)