Friday, 3 October 2014

Meats: Corn-Fed, Free-Range & Organic

When it came to the introduction of meat (excluding fish) to BB, I actually kept deliberating as I didn't feel like feeding antibiotics & hormones loaded meat to him. I only started giving it to him when the Culina Butchery (click here for a list of their outlets) that I chanced upon within FairPrice Finest at Bedok Mall actually sold organic beef as well as corn-fed chicken.

Prices are as follow:

Organic minced beef - $3.30 / 100g

Organic stir fry beef - $3.80 / 100g

Fresh corn fed bone in chicken leg - $2.30 / 100g

Fresh corn fed boneless chicken leg - $2.80 / 100g

Fresh corn fed minced chicken - $2.80 / 100g

Fresh corn fed boneless chicken breast - $2.80 / 100g

However, I've had several "foul" experiences with their minced chicken. I would usually separate the minced chicken into 50g portions for BB's meals and freeze them. To my disappointment, they all smelled sour after thawing. I went back to their counter & told one of their staff about what had happened. He was very apologetic & immediately offered to compensate me by giving me a fresh batch with some extras too. In addition, he also explained that as the corn-fed chickens have not been injected with antibiotics, they are prone to turning racid more easily. Thus, he advised that I should take some free ice packs provided by NTUC to keep them cool during the journey home. 

Despite heeding his advice, the same thing happened once again. I went back to them again but this time another staff member attended to me. He did offer to replace them yet again but being once bitten, twice shy, I wasn't keen to go through the same ordeal again. I intended to write in to feedback to Culina for them to take the appropriate measures in ensuring the freshness of their meat but haven't gotten down to doing it..heehee ;P From then on, I've resolved to only buy their chicken thighs, clean them myself, portion them and freeze. So far, they've remained fresh.

As for pork, they only offered normal ones. Luckily, one of the mummies on the Healthy Food for my Baby Facebook group shared about free-range pork sold at The Fishwives at Cluny Court. 400g of free-range pork is sold at $18.50. Slightly on the pricey side but given that it's flown in from Australia, it still seems pretty reasonable. Not forgetting to mention their preservative-free chipolata sausages sold at 6 for $10. We can finaly indulge in one of our favourite foods without any worries. I can't wait to try the pack in my freezer soon ~.^

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