Monday, 27 October 2014

Freeze-Dried Fruits as Snacks for BB

Vacuum freeze-dried fruits: a great recommendation by my girlfriend during the last Baby Market Expo Fair. They contain no preservatives & are made from 100% fruit with no added sugar either. Definitely a great snack to bring out to keep BB entertained at times..hee ;) I bought a packet of the Wel-B apricots ($10 for 6 small packs of 14g each) for BB to try & he loves them despite the slight sourness! Other than apricots, there're strawberries, strawberries with bananas & peaches. I was very tempted to buy the strawberries with bananas which is one of the bestsellers. Unfortunately, strawberries fall under the Dirty Dozen & they didn't have any organic versions. As I'm blogging this, I went to goggle for more information & realised they come in durians & mangoes selections too. I can't wait to lay my hands on some of them ;P

Knowing that I've started giving BB some healthier snacks, my MIL was so excited & couldn't wait to get in on the act and buy more for him. She bought some from the BabyOnline store located at Marina Square. However, one of the main sources of ingredients are from China which is not our preferred choice. Furthermore, I keep the remaining snacks in the same manner for the leftovers of both brands but these actually turned softer when I wanted to feed BB the following time. Lastly, when I poured out the oranges, a lot of orangey powder came out too. Much of the oranges seemed to have simply disintegrated on their own. 

In conclusion, I'll definitely be stocking up more of the Wel-B ones during the next baby fair! I might even give the strawberries & bananas a try since it contains 70% bananas & only 30% strawberries ^.~

Note: It's printed on the packet that it's for 15mo & above toddlers.

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