Friday, 3 October 2014

No-Frills Toys: Paper Cups from Diaso

Who says toys must necessarily be expensive? During BB's 1st year, I actually pinned a lot of activities-related posts on Pinterest but never quite got down to using any of them. I decided enough was enough! Therefore, I told myself to stop spending time looking for more activities & my resolution for his 2nd year would be to spend the time with him instead. 

During my visits to Daiso, I began looking for suitable "accessories" which I could use for BB's playtime at home. One of them was plastic / paper cups. I opted for paper ones as I'm worried that the plastic ones might cut him if he squeezed them too hard (my BB is a pretty strong boy for his age). 

The initial plan was to stack them up for him to knock them down. BB, on the other hand, seemed to have his own idea as to what he intended to do with them. Instead of enjoying the knocking down process, he actually took one up & put it into another one. One after another, he picked them & stacked them all up. Sometimes, it's simply impossible to follow the plan you'd originally made for them & the next best thing to do is to just go with the flow..hahaha = ) As long as he's having fun & learning along the way, it really doesn't matter to me.

The latest way that he's playing with them is as though he's treating it as a phone if you said to him "Halo, halo! Who's there?". Lolz ^.^lll

I've only used 1/4 pack which means I'll need to find other ways to utilise them ; ) So, do stay tuned!

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